Hotel Reservation Phishing Scam

Scammers pose as representatives from an online hotel booking platform, deceiving victims into providing banking credentials to confirm their hotel reservations.
How It Works:

  • Scammers target individuals making hotel room reservations on online platforms.
  • Then posing as hotel representatives, send emails or messages asking victims to confirm reservations via an online link.
  • Clicking the link redirects victims to fraudulent websites, where they input banking credentials and personal details to confirm their hotel reservations.
  • Some victims are prompted to make payments on these fraudulent sites.
  • Victims realize the scam when they notice unauthorized transactions in their bank accounts.

How to prevent:

  • Beware of unsolicited messages requesting banking details for hotel reservation confirmation.
  • Always verify messages through official channels.
  • Avoid clicking on links or opening attachments from unverified senders.
  • Never disclose banking credentials and personal information via phone, email, SMS, or messaging apps.
  • Contact Bank of China immediately at +603 2059 5566 if you suspect your credentials have been leaked.
  • Alternatively, contact the National Scam Response Centre hotline at 997 if you face difficulties reaching our bank.
  • Activate “Quick Lock” to temporarily block your account if you suspect you have fallen into scam/ account being compromised.