Utility Bill Scam


Fraudsters deceive victims into transferring fund to a third party for discounted utility bill.

How does it work?

  • Fraudster contacts victims who have utility bill arrears and offer a discount if the victim allows them to settle the arrears on the victims’ behalf.
  • Fraudster may claim that they help the victims to settle the arrears as they need the payment receipt for tax rebate.
  • Once victims agree, fraudster will use bounced cheque to pay the utility service provider through cheque deposit machine. The utility service provider’s system will show a record that bill payment has been made.
  • Fraudster will then request victims to make discounted bill payment to a third-party account.
  • Victims will only realize that they had been cheated when the utility service provider informs the victims that the cheque is dishonored.
  • Alternatively, fraudster may request the victims to download a malicious application or click on a link to fill in the victims’ personal or banking credentials if the victims want to receive the utility bill discount. 


How to protect yourself:

  • If you receive a discounted utility bill offer, contact the legitimate service provider (gas, electricity, water or telecommunication services) by referring to the contact number on the bill or official website to verify the offer before you take any action.
  • Never transfer fund to a third party for utility bill payment.
  • Always pay utility bill to the legitimate utility service provider.