Announcement on Revision of Normal Savings Account/Basic Savings Account Interest Rates (Effective from 15 July 2020)

Dear valued customers,

Effective 15 July 2020, the interest rates for Normal Savings Account / Basic Savings Account will be revised as follows:

Savings Tier Existing Rate (% p.a.) Revised Rate (% p.a.)
Up to RM50,000 0.25% 0.25%
Up to RM200,000 0.35% 0.25%
Up to RM500,000 0.50% 0.25%
Up to RM1,000,000 0.75% 0.25%
Above RM1,000,000 1.00% 0.25%


Please feel free to contact us at +603-2059 5566 or visit any of our branches nationwide if you need further information.

Thank you,

Bank of China (Malaysia) Berhad