Foreign Currency Notes Exchange


You can exchange Chinese Yuan (CNY) or U.S. Dollar (USD) currency notes from our branches.

Product Features

Currency Acceptable Banknotes Denomination
Chinese Yuan/ Renminbi (CNY) CNY100
United State Dollar (USD) USD100


  • The maximum FCN that the bank can purchase from a single customer per day is up to the maximum limit of RM10,000.00 equivalent.

Currency Exchange Rate

Please refer to the Bank’s latest published exchange rate for conversion.


All Malaysian citizens, permanent residents and foreigners aged 18 years and above.

Application Requirements

Individuals aged 18 years and above.

Required Documents

Valid identification credentials i.e.: NRIC or passport. 

Application Procedures

Kindly visit any of our branches for foreign currency notes exchange services.

Fee & Charges

No handling fee for this service.