MYR Fixed Deposit Promotion


MYR Fixed Deposit Promotion

Promotion Period:

28 July 2023 – 31 October 2023


  • Open to all new and existing BOCM individual customers aged 18 years and above.  
  • Must have MYR Savings Account or MYR Current Account.
  • Must enrol for BOCM’s e-Statement facility (except for individual customers aged 55 and above).
  • This Promotion applies to Fresh Funds only. “Fresh Funds” means monies or funds howsoever transferred, credited, or paid into the FD Account or Nominated Account from other bank(s) and / or financial institutions by way of (i) cash, (ii) interbank GIRO transfers (iii) telegraphic transfer (iv) DuitNow (v) bank draft (vi) collection and payment of cheques drawn on such other bank(s). Transfers of funds from other branches of BOCM or from any existing account with BOCM are not considered as Fresh Funds.


Promotion Details:

Tenure Promotional FD Rate  Minimum Placement   Amount Maximun Placement Amount Fund Type  
MYR FD  12 Months 4.05%p.a. RM20,000 RM149,999.99 Fresh Funds
MYR FD   12 Months   4.10%p.a. RM150,000 RM1 million Fresh Funds

Note: Maximum placement of RM1 million per customer


Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor
Member of PIDM

The Promotion is available at all BOCM branches in Malaysia. For detailed “MYR Fixed Deposit Promotion” Terms and Conditions, please click here